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Working in KredEx

KredEx was established in 2001 with the merging of the Export Credit and Guarantee Foundation, Enterprise Credit Foundation, and Foundation Eesti Eluase. At the end of 2009, the KredEx affiliate AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus was founded. Our initial team of 8 people has now grown to 42 employees of varying ages, 9 of whom have worked at KredEx for over ten years. The average age of employees at KredEx is 39, and 97% of us have a higher education or are in the process of acquiring it.

The basis for the success of KredEx is a team with common values. The values that unite us are proficiency, reliability, openness and innovation.

  • Proficiency and cooperation characterise us when it comes to developing financing services and securities, as well as in performing all other assignments. To maintain our level, we value constant self-improvement and increasing our level of professionalism relating to specialist knowledge as well as social skills.
  • Reliability is our calling card – we are precise and prompt in our actions and objective in decisions; we keep our promises and deadlines, and adhere to confidentiality requirements.
  • We are open to new ideas and developing feedback. Our principles of action and the bases for our decisions are clear and transparent. We consider it important to inform our target groups and the wider public of the results of our activity.
  • By being innovative we keep pace with the development of the business and living environment, creating efficient solutions to compensate for the shortcomings of the financial market.
  • We unite in our activity the best skills, experiences and resources of different countries, areas of activity and organisations.

KredEx is open and supportive, while also being quality and results oriented. Our reputation is carried by loyal and committed employees, who value a positive atmosphere and well-functioning internal communication. Every two years we conduct a satisfaction survey among our employees, to evaluate the achievements of our management, understand the processes going on in the organisation, and obtain feedback in order to better arrange activities. Based on the survey conducted at the end of 2014, it appeared that the most important incentives for working at KredEx are remuneration, good relationships within the team, and working conditions.

We value long-term employment relationships, which help to ensure customer satisfaction, the achievement of the company’s goals and the sustainability of the organisation. When filling vacancies, we consider it important to take into consideration the career goals of our employees.

We support the professional and personal development of our team through various trainings and the possibility for international communication and sharing of experiences with organisations from other countries. We ensure a working environment that helps preserve the health of our employees and facilitates the achievement of results. We pay competitive salaries in the area of finance, according to the positions of and contributions by employees.

In addition to the professional contribution that is made, we consider traditions promoting team unity to also be important. Our traditions include common winter and summer days, a Christmas party for the children of employees, and a year-end event with families.

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