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  • 19. December 2002

    Estonia improves its state export guarantee system

    On December 18, Estonian Parliament passed the new State Export Guarantees Act, which affects the principles of issuing export guarantees in Estonia. The law becomes valid from May 2003.
    The new law was necessary to improve the export support system in Estonia and grant Estonian exporters the opportunities that their competitors have on the foreign markets.


  • 04. November 2002

    How to finance the renovation of apartment buildings?

    On November 8, a round table will gather in Tallinn with the aim of discussing how to finance the renovation of apartment buildings. KredEx has organised the seminar to find answers to the questions - what prevents the renovation of Estonian block houses and how the loans could be made more available for apartment associations.


  • 24. September 2002

    Guarantee funds from all over the world meet in Estonia

    On September 25-26, KredEx organises an international forum on the subject "Guarantees and Enterprise Development" together with the OECD. The aim of the conference is to compare how guarantee schemes support small and medium enterprises in different countries, learn from the experience of the best and find new ideas about how to use guarantees for equity investments and in the area of innovation.
  • 13. September 2002

    Tougher borrowing requirements will affect real estate business

    Äripäev/ Baltic Business News

    Tougher borrowing requirements which are being advocated by Estonian central bank are likely to affect real estate business.


  • 26. August 2002

    The first half of 2002 ended with a profit of 6.4 million

    By the end of July 2002, KredEx had earned a profit of 6.4 million kroons. The incomes totalled up to 14.4 million kroons, the operating expenses to 4.8 million kroons and the growth in the technical provisions was 3.2 million kroons.
  • 15. August 2002

    Boost for new homebuyers

    Aleksei Gunter, The Baltic Times Estonia

    A new state-run credit agency has already helped more than 1,600 young people buy their own homes.



  • 31. May 2002

    Top stories in Estonian daily newspapers

    This is a comment on the article in Äripäev where KredEx was seen as a state agency waisting money. However, KredEx is a self-sustaining fund and no allocations were made to KredEx from the state budget in the year 2001.
  • 10. May 2002

    Estonian firms to get state guarantee for exports to Russia

    Baltic Business News
    Estonian Credit and Export Guarantee Fund KredEx has improved the terms of state export guarantees for companies exporting to Russia by lowering the estimated country risk rate and increasing guarantee cover from 60% to 70% of the exporters risk on buyers insolvency, the fund said in today’s press release.


  • 10. April 2002

    KredEx earned a profit of 17.5 million kroons in 2001

    The supervisory board of KredEx confirmed the 2001 annual report of KredEx, according to which the fund earned a profit of 17.5 million kroons. The incomes totalled up to 29.7 million kroons, the operating expenses to 7.6 million kroons and the growth in the technical provisions was 4.6 million kroons.


  • 24. January 2002

    Cleaning up apartment buildings

    On January 24, KredEx issued the first loan guarantee for an apartment association in Tallinn. The loan guarantee serves as an additional collateral and helps to improve the financing possibilities of apartment associations, encouraging the overall redecoration of block houses.
  • 08. January 2002

    KredEx increases the cooperation between banks and companies

    KredEx is organising a series of seminars on the subject "How to Improve the Financing Possibilities of Estonian Companies?". The aim of the seminars is to start a discussion together with the banks, Estonian SMEs and the economic support system of the government, in order to understand what each side needs and expects and also to find specific solutions to the problems of SME financing.

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