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For whom is reconstruction grant suitable?

The grant is designed for associations and communities wishing to reconstruct their apartment buildings as completely as possible. The grant may be applied for in the amount of 15%, 25% and 40% of the total project cost depending on the level of integration in the reconstruction of the relevant apartment building.

What are the main terms?

  • it is possible to apply for the grant in the amount of 15%, 25% and 40% of the total cost of the construction work depending on the level of integration in reconstruction of apartment buildings.
  • the grant can be applied for the not completed reconstruction tasks listed in the energy audit as recommended tasks and following the principle of integrated solution
  • the main eligible tasks are:
    -insulation of envelope structures
    - exchange of windows and front doors
    - replacement or reconstruction of the heating system
    - reconstruction of the ventilation system or installation of a system with heat recirculation
    - installation of equipment necessary for using renewable energy
    - reconstruction of the control system or drive of lifts
    - design, project management and owner supervision
  • the grant terms have been established with a regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure


How to apply for the reconstruction grant?

To apply for the grant, a relevant application shall be submitted to the bank issuing the renovation loan with an application for renovation loan.

If an applicant has sufficient self-financing for the construction work and does not use the renovation loan, or the grant is necessary for the reconstruction of an apartment building completed after year 1993, the application shall be submitted to KredEx by mail or with digital signature to e-mail address ketoetus[at]kredex.ee.

A prerequisite for applying for the grant is the existence of an energy audit (also an annex to the audit, if necessary) and building design(s).

The grant shall be paid upon the completion of all construction tasks.


In the event of questions regarding the reconstruction grant, please write to e-mail address ketoetus[at]kredex.ee or contact our client managers.

  • Priit Kirotar

    Client Manager

    +372 667 4108

  • Kaimo Kalda

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4143

  • Lauri Suu

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4111

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